Space Game v0.1.3 Released!

A new version of Space Game is now available for download! This is not a major update, but it includes many performance fixes and gameplay improvements over the previous versions. The main performance update corrects the sphere vertex distribution (as explained inĀ Cube-to-Sphere Projection) for a consistent and uniform frame rate. The bounding box algorithm now uses Oriented Bounding Boxes (OBB) to reduce selection in planet “corners.”

Shadow mapping is off by default in this release. Since this feature is still experimental and has a big performance impact, I think it is better at this point to have the player manually enable it. To enable shadow mapping, open config.ini and append the following lines:

shadow_mapping = 1

Known Limitations:

The new frustum-OBB culling algorithms are not yet perfected. There are cases where terrain will not render though it is visible on-screen. I am currently looking into a fix for this issue.

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